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Welcome to Wendy Wools, one of the UK’s most magical suppliers of high-quality wool and yarns.

We’re a family-run yarn specialist, so we take great pride and care in providing you with the highest quality products and unforgettable service. We provide a rich and diverse range of yarns which are ideal for the most discerning of knitters and craft enthusiasts.

Our Brands

Peter Pan

The Peter Pan design and yarn collection is the epitome of stylish and fashionable hand knitting and crochet perfect for babies, toddlers and children. The Peter Pan DK range has a rainbow of shades from delicate pastels for your new born bundles through to trendy toddlers. Peter Pan uses only the very best of fibres and the most advanced spinning technology to produce the world’s finest baby yarn.

Peter Pan yarn is spun with as much attention to detail, as the love, knit into every row of your cherished project, for those you hold dearest. With Peter Pan you can truly let your creativity soar.


The Wendy collection is renowned for its outstanding value. This collection has established long lasting classic yarns, consisting of a mix of blends and pure natural fibres. These are classic weights and traditional twists, perfect for making the heirloom pieces knitters enjoy creating for themselves. Our new Wendy Supreme DK truly lives up to its name. A yarn unrivalled in many ways. Using only the finest acrylic fibre and an extra secret process to produce a yarn that is a joy to use stitch after stitch. In a huge range of shades, a true artists palette. With this easy care, everyday yarn, you will find yourself returning to it time after time.

Our History

One of the UK's most historic handknitting and producers our story dates back to be 1898, when the founders of our fairy tale opened the original company.
With finance provided by his father Samuel a wealthy woolcomber, Arthur Carter and Edwin Parker formed a partnership and began producing yarn together.
Unfortunately commercial differences saw Arthur and Samuel go their separate ways in 1916.
1925 saw the company incorporated, becoming Carter and Parker LTD. With Arthur at the helm, along with his four children, working hard to build the family business.

It wasn't until 1928 that the brand name 'Wendy' came into being.
Arthur Carter was an acquaintance of aspiring author J M Barrie and gained permission to use the name Wendy from the author's successful novel Peter Pan, an honour granted only to one other organisation, that being Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.

The company continued to flourish and during the inter war period employed around 150 people. Of course during the 2nd World War the company fell on leaner times. However by the early 1950's things were more positive and the company traded well.

Our founder, Arthur sadly died in 1954 leaving his sons Ewart G Carter and Michael Carter running the business.

By the 1960s thing were going from strength to strength and the company expanded, launching Peter Pan in 1965 this new brand of unrivalled boutique baby yarns catapulted the business to the pinnacle of the trade.

In 1973 the company acquired Richard Poppelton and Sons, a competitor from the nearby West Yorkshire town of Horbury. Further investment in warehousing and machinery helped the company thrive through the handknitting 'Boom Times' in the '80s.

By 1992 the boom times were over, the influx of fleece fabric in the ready made sector lead to a huge decline in sales for the yarn industry. The business was sold and acquired by Mr Thomas B Ramsden, a true Yorkshire textile man.

For almost 30 years Thomas, followed by his son Austen and grandsons Thomas and Henry ran the business until 2020 when it was forced to close.

But now, like every good fairy tale there is a happy ending, with another family run Yorkshire knitting yarn company stepping in to rescue this legacy from Neverland.

With over half a century of their own experience and history in the handknitting industry, the new team at the helm are determined to make your crafting experience better than ever.

Wendy and Peter Pan are flying higher than ever!!!

The next chapter unfolds...